Written Instructions:

To purchase a license, you must be registered and have verified your email.  If you have not received a verification email, please email hans@termageddon.com.


1. In the top right corner of your Termageddon dashboard, you should see the words "hello"
2. Click 'Hello' and then click "Account Settings" in the dropdown
3. Click 'Payment information" on the left hand side
4. Click the purple 'update' button next to the word 'payment information'
5. Insert your payment information, then click 'add card'
6. On the next screen, choose the number of licenses you would like to purchase (reminder: one license includes a set of policies to protect one website or application)
7. Be sure to select if you'd like to pay per month or save and pay per year.
8. Agree to the Terms and 'Make Payment'.
9. You can then create a license by clicking 'dashboard' then clicking the white "add license" button.

Video Instructions:

This video shows not only how to register and Purchase a Termageddon license but also how to set up a license.