Termageddon offers the ability for customers to create their cookie consent popup and generate a Cookie Policy. You may not see these features in your account due to the following reasons: 

  1. On page 3 of the Privacy Policy questionnaire, you selected that your website does not collect or use cookies. If your website does not collect or use cookies, then individuals visiting your website do not need to consent to cookies as no cookies are being placed on their device and thus you do not need the cookie consent popup. In addition, you are not seeing a Cookie Policy generator because there are no cookies to disclose in the policy since you selected that you do not collect any cookies. 
  2. Your selections on page 1 of the Privacy Policy indicate that the privacy laws that require websites to display a cookie consent popup do not apply to you. A cookie consent popup is required only by the California Privacy Rights Act (CA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act 2018 (UK DPA 2018), and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). If you made selections on page 1 of the Privacy Policy questionnaire that indicate that those privacy laws do not apply to you, then you do not need a cookie consent popup and thus this feature is not displayed within your account. 

You can change your answers to the Privacy Policy questionnaire at any time and, if your new answers indicate that you do need a cookie consent popup and a Cookie Policy, these features will then become available within your account and you will be able to activate them.