Written instructions:

After purchasing a license (learn how here), you can now add your license to your dashboard.

1. Within your Termageddon dashboard, click 'dashboard' in the top navigation.
2. Within the purple bar, click the white 'add license' button.
3. Name your license (common examples include "domain-name.com" or "Company Name LLC"). Your license name is not publicly shared, you can name your license whatever you wish. Upon naming your license, click 'add license' to save and close the pop-up
4. Under 'license status' you should see a 'continue setup' link. Click that link to begin answering your global license information questions.
5. Answer all the global license information questions and click 'save'.
6. You will now be brought to your 'global license information' dashboard where you can add policies and share the license with other users.

Video instructions: